At a very young I had a creative imagination for everything that was different and unique.  From sewing doll clothes to anything else I could think of.  I enjoyed making craft decorations at a very young age especially floral arrangements.  Imagination is what I drive for most in what I make.    

Being unique is what makes me want to progress in the Home Décor business. 
My projects vary all the time.  And that is the way it should be.  I am ambitious at what I do . 

A positive individual with lots of creativity and imagination.  I see myself learning more from with every project I make.  Striving for each one to be better than the next. 

During the Holidays and special family gatherings I make all my decorations.  From tree toppers, Christmas Wreaths and bows (lots of Bows).  We have a large family and celebrations are always fun.  Especially with 3 grandchildren ages 3 thru 7.

Behind the shop name is a story like all stories go.  It is about our beloved pooch (Sassy)  and our shop Mascot.  She came from an abusive situation.  What better way to honor her progress than name a shop after her.  This site means much to me and our family.

I hope you enjoy what I make.  Progress comes with step by step learning and that is exactly what I will continue and strive to do.

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